by Carlo Longino

Magazines Want To Cash In On Web Video, Too

from the it's-more-fun-with-moving-pictures dept

While newspapers flounder as they try to figure this whole internet thing out, magazines have been slightly more adept. Now, there's apparently growing interest among magazine publishers to try and cash in on the web video craze by rolling out their own video content -- but it's not driven by a desire to offer users better content, but rather simply to provide video inventory to sell to advertisers. It's almost as if these sites are assuming that because something like YouTube is popular, there's a great untapped demand among the online audience for any sort of web video, and they'll be able to capitalize on it by offering up any old content, as long as it's moving pictures. However, the rise of YouTube and other video sites simply means there's more competition for users' attention, so magazines will have to ensure that their video content is actually compelling enough to attract viewers and hold their interest. While some publications are devoting significant resources to video, others are just issuing cameras and microphones to their reporters, who often have no background in broadcast media. The assumption seems to be that video instantly makes a story more interesting, but that's not necessarily the case, particularly if it's not executed well. It's all well and good that magazines are trying to expand their online operations, but just throwing content out there solely as a vehicle with which to move ads, with little consideration of what it offers the audience, isn't a sound strategy.

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  1. identicon
    Todd, 5 Sep 2006 @ 2:02pm

    you actually touch a newspaper someone left in the bathroom stall?

    ew that's wrong no SO many levels!

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