MPAA Rates Film About MPAA Ratings As NC-17

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Back in January we noted the MPAA's double standard, when it came to unauthorized copies of movies. The same MPAA that goes around telling schoolchildren if you haven't paid for it, you've stolen it and once said that fair use doesn't exist. Well, it turns out (of course) they meant for other people. That's why they made unauthorized copies of the movie "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" -- a documentary about (aha!) the MPAA itself. You see, when it's about them, suddenly things like fair use and unauthorized copies are perfectly fine. Well, not surprisingly the MPAA wasn't too happy with the movie, and has given it an NC-17 rating.

Salon has a piece reviewing the movie and shedding a little light on the secretive MPAA as described in the movie. Movie ratings, despite what many people believe, are a voluntary thing -- and not government run. However, it's pretty difficult to find a theater or a studio who doesn't feel compelled to live by the MPAA's rating system. With so much power, it's interesting to note that the people on the MPAA's ratings board have all been secret, until the movie "outed" them. The movie also discovered that the MPAA's "appeals board" is made up a combination of movie execs and two representatives from religious groups. For a group so powerful, you would think they'd have a bit more accountability. Unfortunately, as the review points out, there are some weaknesses and somewhat dishonest parts to the movie as well -- which take away from its overall credibility. However, it still sounds like it sheds a lot of light on how the MPAA goes about its movie ratings business. Of course, it may be difficult for you to see, since very few movie theaters will actually show NC-17 movies... which pretty much explains why the MPAA rated it that way.

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  1. identicon
    Bad Neal, 31 Aug 2006 @ 9:32pm

    The Reality Is...

    The people that jump at NC-17 ratings aren't those that already know the message being made by this very movie, and aren't likely to be those that would somehow be enlightened by it. Furthermore, if you examine those who are drawn to NC17 ratings, you'll tend to find a lot of under-educated people that don't know the "Start" button from thier a-hole, and sure, they might rent it, but then stop it 5min later because it's not all tits and ass.

    I still see your point, if you add shock value by a lable (NC17), it will draw a crowd, but that won't make it memorable to that crowd, and in this very case I would wager it would bore the hell out of the NC17 crowd. Either way, you said it best yourself....

    "No matter the rating, for a movie like this the number of viewers will be statistically insignificant."

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