iPod Factory Just Kidding About Destroying Reporters' Lives

from the oh,-that? dept

Yesterday it was reported that the company that owned the factory that made iPods had pretty much tried to destroy the lives of the reporters who noted that there were substandard working conditions at the factory. However, as legal experts, the press and... well... just about everyone has spoken out against this decision, the factory has now modified its demands. Rather than asking for 500x a reporter's salary in punishment and freezing all of their assets, the company is just asking to be awarded 12 cents (US) which they say they'll donate to charity if they win. Perhaps they should use it to pay their employees a bit more instead...

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  1. identicon
    Foxconn Employee, 18 Sep 2007 @ 1:01pm

    Foxconn in Plainfield, Indiana, what a mess.

    Agree completely. I know someone working for Foxconn that quit recently. No raises and long hours. Unless you were from Taiwan, don't expect a raise or a promotion. Bosses hated it when you voiced your concerns. Manufacturing lines were so disorganized; quality was poor, at one time, a virus infected 25000 computers, August of 2004, that's why HP was unable to deliver computers during that time frame.

    The 1400 jobs they're bringing to Plainfield, Indiana, all lies. More like 1400 temporary jobs for 8.50 an hour. Interview anyone that's come from there, and they'll tell you the same, it sucked and you take a reaming in the ass. The ones that are happy, take a good look, Asians from Taiwan or a bunch of brown nosers that like to take a reaming because they can't get a job anywhere else.

    The illegal aliens employed by Foxconn, true. Foxconn in Fullerton, California was investigated by the INS in May 2004. Foxconn sends Chinese laborers to Plainfield to fill many open positions because they can't get anyone to fill them. That's their way of saving money, not paying what the average position should be paid, but pay someone idiot from China that has less experience or none at all to work these positions. So when they say 1400 jobs, where? I don't see a big rush to Plainfield to apply. Take the new Honda plant in Greensburg, IN, 2000 jobs, and more than 30,000 applications. Always on the local Indianapolis news every week, Foxconn, who are they is what you'll hear in Indianapolis.

    Plant manager Ke-Lan, known fact that he sexually harasses new salary female employees. Here's his phone number 317-223-6909. What happens is a new skank comes from China, shacks with the boss, and gets better treatment. If you ever see him, he's 5'5 with recedeing hairline. Yeah, real handsome.

    Check the two links below, this guy stole computers from them while working as a supervisor, 3 years and their manager's never noticed, talking about incompetent.



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