iPod Factory Just Kidding About Destroying Reporters' Lives

from the oh,-that? dept

Yesterday it was reported that the company that owned the factory that made iPods had pretty much tried to destroy the lives of the reporters who noted that there were substandard working conditions at the factory. However, as legal experts, the press and... well... just about everyone has spoken out against this decision, the factory has now modified its demands. Rather than asking for 500x a reporter's salary in punishment and freezing all of their assets, the company is just asking to be awarded 12 cents (US) which they say they'll donate to charity if they win. Perhaps they should use it to pay their employees a bit more instead...

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  1. identicon
    South Machiavelli, 28 Jun 2007 @ 3:48pm

    C'mon, let's be honest.

    Anon, The cost of manufacturing in countries like those on your list is 20 - 30% higher than China. So, you wouldn't be paying $25 more for your $250 IPod, but more like $60, or $310.

    See, the people coming from Western China live there in medieval conditions, the same way they did 500 years ago. The only difference is the warlord is now a party chairman. They get to a place where they make 7-10 times what they make back home, have running water, showers and 21st century ammenities. They findout that they don't need to stop working because the sun doesn't go down and have no concept of leisure time. So they work 2-shifts voluntarily. They don't know better and they are still ages better than they were "back home".

    I find it very hypocritical to bash the First World Companies that resort to these sources. Usually, this is done while wearing clothes that say "Made in Bangladesh", typing on "Made in China" keyboards. We tell them to actually do it in the language they understand: Money. We go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapest with our hard-earned dollars then demand that those who made it are paid "fair".

    Cost of a product is Materials and Labor mostly. The $30 keyboard and mouse set you're using right now, would you have bought it if it cost $47 because it was made in Mexico or $60 proudly made in the good old USA?

    Didn't think so.

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