iPod Factory Just Kidding About Destroying Reporters' Lives

from the oh,-that? dept

Yesterday it was reported that the company that owned the factory that made iPods had pretty much tried to destroy the lives of the reporters who noted that there were substandard working conditions at the factory. However, as legal experts, the press and... well... just about everyone has spoken out against this decision, the factory has now modified its demands. Rather than asking for 500x a reporter's salary in punishment and freezing all of their assets, the company is just asking to be awarded 12 cents (US) which they say they'll donate to charity if they win. Perhaps they should use it to pay their employees a bit more instead...

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  1. identicon
    Actually Live in China, 3 Sep 2006 @ 5:59pm

    There is a queue a mile long to get a job at Foxconn. Some peasants in the countryside dream about working 60 hours a week for US$25 and living in a dormitory with 99 other people.

    Foxconn is merely running a slave labour camp on behalf of Apple, who obviously can't be seen doing that itself. That's what the Taiwanese do in China. They distance the Western consumer electronic brands from the slave labour conditions needed to make their products. When a report like this surfaces, about once every two years, the Western brand goes "tut, tut, that's awful" sends someone out to China to "investigate" and it's all forgotten about.

    Business as usual.

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