iPod Factory Just Kidding About Destroying Reporters' Lives

from the oh,-that? dept

Yesterday it was reported that the company that owned the factory that made iPods had pretty much tried to destroy the lives of the reporters who noted that there were substandard working conditions at the factory. However, as legal experts, the press and... well... just about everyone has spoken out against this decision, the factory has now modified its demands. Rather than asking for 500x a reporter's salary in punishment and freezing all of their assets, the company is just asking to be awarded 12 cents (US) which they say they'll donate to charity if they win. Perhaps they should use it to pay their employees a bit more instead...

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  1. identicon
    Timothy, 31 Aug 2006 @ 3:47am

    Not quite that clear cut.

    Yes, I would say it is wrong to judge a entire group of people based on the fact politics and economic are such that they out sourcing is one of the few ways to get any job that can come close to paying the bills. But that does not mean everything is on the up and up. One has to question the motives for outsourcing in the first place. Sure, I can not blame a company for trying to save money, but I believe there should be certain ethical boundaries which just don't seem to be in place globally at this time. And past that there is a certain responsibility on the consumer's part who are funding the companies which take these less then ethical steps. You shop at Walmart, you get great prices, but that money has to come from somewhere. Some of it is bulk and direct pricing, but a lot of it is through strong arm tactics, outsourcing, monopolizing general and local markets. Comes down to what is the issue worth to you. Buy Shoes at Walmart and you may save yourself a good 15-20dollars. But they have have been made in sweatshops, put local shoe stores out of business, made your town lose jobs, tax money, change traffic conditions, harm the environment, and so on, to differing degrees. The kicker is, until recently, Ipod has had little true competition, and could have pretty much asked what ever they wanted and gotten it. Not only making them money, that they could pass along, but providing a benchmark that they could post under in later versions to create the illusion of savings.

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