FBI Shows Off Big Database... Just As UK Shows Why Big Databases Are Bad

from the great-timing dept

Remember all the trouble the FBI has been having getting its big new computer system working? They must be feeling a bit embarrassed about all that. That might explain why they were so proud to show off their big new counter-terrorism database. However, as the article notes, there are legitimate fears about peoples' privacy when such huge databases are put together by governments. In fact, across the Atlantic Ocean a story is coming out about a similar big database, as it's been revealed that government office workers have been hacking into the database to check out the profiles of people they know. With any of these big databases, it's only a matter of time before that data is abused in some manner -- no matter how carefully government officials claim that the data is only used for legitimate reasons.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 31 Aug 2006 @ 9:52am

    to #39, yeah.. served drinks on a plane. 4 ounces and if you want more, it's like 5 bucks a pop. i ain't gonna pay that.

    no glass bottles in stadiums...fine. we take plastic bottles. no drinks/food in a theater? baggy pants...and there, they don't strip search us and give us the anal probe.

    to #30, if you think the USS cole isn't us soil, i say go attack it. or tell the soldiers on board that. see what they say. and if tim mcveigh is a terrorist for blowing up the oklahoma fedeeral bulilding, the civil war was an act of terrorism. what's the difference between a country and a religious group attacking. sometimes the lines can't be compared. a country is a religious gropu, and vice versa.

    so, by do this, we say osama won. he got us. HE GOT US. we are scared to fly, scared to travel, scared to talk to really tanned people.....

    come on. he won. anything else is just wrong.

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