After Getting Called Out, Verizon Rescinds Non-USF-Replacement-Fee Fee

from the refund-time dept

Early and often, Verizon got criticized for replacing a USF recovery fee on its DSL customers' bills with a strikingly similar "supplier surcharge". BellSouth pulled a similar move, though it yanked it a couple days later. Now, following criticism from the FCC and the apparent anger of its commissioner, Kevin Martin, Verizon says it, too, will drop the fee. Where it gets amusing is Verizon's press release, where a C-level exec says "We have listened to our customers," which apparently happens so infrequently that it's worth noting in a press release. Seriously, though: how long before the company drops all its other fee-based nonsense and just shifts to The Onion's pricing plan?

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  1. identicon
    charlie potatoes, 30 Aug 2006 @ 7:56pm

    its a slow day and a boring piece. and i love to see my name on the screen...besides, you can only scream,"fuck you, towel head," so many times...i think. it doesn't even rile anyone anymore...
    now the bit about the japs stirred up some hostility...actually i should have just concentrated on their propensity to eat our whales... that really does piss me off.

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