Ad Exec Arrested For Removing Illegal Roadside Advertisements

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It's no secret that we live in an age of aggressive (and perhaps excessive) advertising. Advertising is absolutely everywhere -- and apparently one ad exec got fed up. He discovered one of those "street side" signs that advertisers stick into the ground alongside roads on his own property. He removed it and then began removing many more. He called up local authorities who told him that it was illegal to place those signs on private property or on public property, but said they didn't have the resources to go around removing them. That seemed like an opportunity, so he began removing them -- sometimes calling the companies advertised in the signs to offer his services as an ad exec to provide more effective, less annoying, advertisements (not surprisingly, none have taken him up on the offer). However, for some reason, he's now been arrested for theft over the signs. It's not clear if the article is leaving out some sort of detail or what, but it's hard to see how removing an illegal advertising sign should be considered theft.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 28 Aug 2006 @ 7:52am

    ahh...i feel i must put in my 2 digital pennies..

    yes, cops are law enforcers, not protectors. 9 times out of ten they are there to catch those who break the law, not prevent them from breaking the law. the public believes that cops are protectors instead of enforcers, and yes i've made that same mistake on numerous occasions.

    second, cops must make good use of their time. as with any job, ceretain tasks need to be completed, and others can be pushed aside until the next day. so, sure cops may not go after all murder suspects and instead focus on traffic violators. but think about it. who causes more harm to a community, one murderer, or hundereds of drivers? sure the family and friends of the murder victim have their pain, but every day there accidents caused by people running stop signs, going through red lights, speeding and driving drunk. immagine if no one ever got a ticket for any driving infractions. could you imagine how dangerous the streets would become? I'd be scared to live in a house next an intersection.

    now, i'm not saying that the cops should just lurk behinde everey dark alley looking for the one guy at 3 in the morning coasting through a stop sign, but they are probably checking to see if he's drunk, and hopefully keep him from hurting anyone else. (ok, so that's a situation where the cops are in the protection business, but they arrested him AFTER he was driving drunk, not before he started...remember minority report and precrime?)

    anyway, it sucks that someone trying to do good was arrested, but he broke the law. if he "pays" for his crime is another story. there are cases where people who "restrained" suspects for police where charged with either kidnapping or unlawful imprisonment, while others were given awards for their bravery and assistance to the force. I just wish that we had enough public servants so the public wouldn't have to do these things.

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