Ad Exec Arrested For Removing Illegal Roadside Advertisements

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It's no secret that we live in an age of aggressive (and perhaps excessive) advertising. Advertising is absolutely everywhere -- and apparently one ad exec got fed up. He discovered one of those "street side" signs that advertisers stick into the ground alongside roads on his own property. He removed it and then began removing many more. He called up local authorities who told him that it was illegal to place those signs on private property or on public property, but said they didn't have the resources to go around removing them. That seemed like an opportunity, so he began removing them -- sometimes calling the companies advertised in the signs to offer his services as an ad exec to provide more effective, less annoying, advertisements (not surprisingly, none have taken him up on the offer). However, for some reason, he's now been arrested for theft over the signs. It's not clear if the article is leaving out some sort of detail or what, but it's hard to see how removing an illegal advertising sign should be considered theft.

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  1. identicon
    Tree Cop, 28 Aug 2006 @ 10:35am

    Lay Person


    Thank you for the well spoken retort and comments. While I don't agree with you, I won't disagree with you entirely either. It is the bases of my job and my nature to listen to both sides of matters, yet to do so it does help when matters are presented in an articulate manner.

    You say I don't work for government, I work for the society. Well in this country, the government is supposed to represent society, thus why we have elected officials and laws are put in place through elective selection. Thus I work for the government. The society upon which that government has bases is responsible for taking action to have laws placed in the books upon which they then expect me to enforce and monitor. I don't agree with all laws upon those books, yet that isn't my part of the process to decide upon which I will and won't enforce.

    As for the Brotherhood I mention, you are correct, it is a selective mentality shared by those within Law Enforcement, just as it was when I was active duty as a volunteer for my nations military. I was then and am now, part of a group of like minded people who give up some of our rights and privilege in order to give something to the community to which we serve. If that doesn’t create a brotherhood mindset, then I don’t know much more that will. While it is easy to point at such a mindset and say it is separating and creating an “us and them” syndrome, I don’t believe it divides us from the society around us, but it does by nature have aspects I would not expect the average citizen to have to accept or involve themselves in. Most should not have to hold a dead child’s body for a long slow boat ride back to the shoreline, where the family is only hoping she is alive, or make that call at 2am that ‘there has been an accident’. That is my job and the job of others like me, if you would like it, then apply and after a year try to say you aren’t part of a brotherhood.

    While I work for the government ultimately. I am evaluated everyday by the citizens around me; it is the responsibility of such citizens to grade me upon my job performance by speaking up if they find need. All to often however, such never happens, as people don’t realize the power of their word in matters of evaluating public servants (police, fire, ems, sanitation, animal control, code enforcement, district attorney, judges, mayors, city council members and many others) in that speaking out against wrong doings, or even speaking up about good deeds, is a very powerful tool. I personally have only once had a serious accusation levied against me, but when you try to run me over with a car I do have a tendency to become “reactionary” and throw things through your windshield if they are in my hand.

    And finally, to respond to your first sentence. YES I am an arrogant S.O.B., but I assure you, that has nothing to do with my job. It is simply my nature, and when I’m working with the citizens in my community, such often times has to be laid aside, as does ego and sometimes even aspects of pride and pleasure, such is the nature of being able to deal with a variety of the community, instead of one specific dynamic.

    Again, thank you for the articulate response, at least we share that view of how to deal with other people.

    Good day.

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