Is It Still An Addiction If It's Good For You?

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We've mocked the various researchers who like to call just about every new popular technology an addiction, when there's no real evidence that there are any dependency issues involved. As we've said, these researchers are using the emotional reaction people have to the word "addiction," associating it with chemical dependencies and dangerous and damaging activities. However, what if it turns out that the "addiction" is actually good for you? More than a few times, researchers have warned about the problems of email addiction and referred to portable Blackberry devices as "Crackberries" to play up the supposed addiction. Earlier this week we even wrote about researchers who warned such addictions could lead to legal liabilities for companies who provide their employees Blackberries. Of course, new research today shows that 77% of people with such devices found that they enhanced their work-life balance, rather than impeded it. So, we have to ask, is it still proper to use the emotionally-charged term "addiction" when the net results are most likely to be beneficial? As people have pointed out in the past, we're all "addicted" to things like air and water, but that's not a bad thing. Is the same true of mobile email?

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  1. identicon
    Kratos, 25 Aug 2006 @ 9:25am

    Re: Re: Buy the Company Line

    I read that comment in it's entirity. And I can agree with him on the most part.

    It unintelligence and lack of knowledge on the matter of this technology. If more people were properly educated on the moderate use of this technology, there wouldn't be any "addiction" stigma placed with it.

    My father works for a company that installs and services dairy farm equipment in the Central Pennsylvania area. Recently, he mentioned the company having replaced a co-worker's laptop PC, but failed to provide my father with one, despite my father having been employed there for over 5 years. This is a minor greivance, however. My father has been more than capable of doing his job just as efficiently (if not more-so) as his co-workers.

    So, more people meed to realize that these devices are tools. Just as much as any legal pad and pen.

    (Also, I must ask. OMG!???!! WHY DO YOU USE SO MANY QUESTION MARKS???! Rather than make any emphasis, it makes you look like a 12-year-old script kiddie.)

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