Companies Now Banning The Crackberries They Forced Everyone To Carry

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Over the last few years, many companies have been gleefully handing out Blackberry devices to all their employees, hoping to have them "on call" 24/7. Of course, that's created a new problem. Employees are bringing those Blackberry devices to meetings and can't put them down, leading companies to institute new policies banning the devices from meeting rooms. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise, as there were already questions about mobile phone etiquette in the office, but it's extra amusing to see it with the so-called "Crackberries," since so many companies eagerly gave them out to people to "keep them working."

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  1. identicon
    Junyo, 22 Aug 2006 @ 5:35am

    Blackberry's invented the phenomenon of company's expecting you to always be on call? I worked for a company years ago that invested in Iridium sat phones/pagers so support would be constantly available. I've had a cellphone/laptop/PC Anywhere/expected to have it at all times tether for longer than I care to remember, and so have a good portion of the people in the mission critical end of most industries. If my Blackberry blows up, I need to leave the meeting, because something's probably on fire. The fact that Blackberries became a poser status symbol, that those people have short attention spans, and/or don't have enough actual work so their still facinated by their BB's, is more likely what 'created a new problem'. (And of course no one played downloaded games, texted, of left on their obnoxious ringtone in a meeting before BBs were invented.) If you're a serious person, you act seriously; if you're a jackass, you act like a jackass.

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