Companies Now Banning The Crackberries They Forced Everyone To Carry

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Over the last few years, many companies have been gleefully handing out Blackberry devices to all their employees, hoping to have them "on call" 24/7. Of course, that's created a new problem. Employees are bringing those Blackberry devices to meetings and can't put them down, leading companies to institute new policies banning the devices from meeting rooms. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise, as there were already questions about mobile phone etiquette in the office, but it's extra amusing to see it with the so-called "Crackberries," since so many companies eagerly gave them out to people to "keep them working."

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  1. identicon
    John Q Public, 22 Aug 2006 @ 9:23am

    I want all my slaves to have them

    We have a small business and I want all our reps to have them, because in sales, Image counts for more than it should.

    On that same note, we've fired two admins for their IM habits; if its not work related, your not working for the money I'm paying you, so good-bye (and I have the proof when you file for unemployment so my ass is covered).

    There are a lot of articles on Tech-Dirt that come down to etiquite issues, and one of the big issues seems to be when members the younger generation think there's no conflict between communication technology and the work that needs to be done.

    Speaking on behalf of other business owners; focus on your work, do it well, and I will promote you and pay you well. Focus on your personal life on my time, and I will look for ways to get rid of you and replace you with someone who "gets it."

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