by Mike Masnick

Companies Now Banning The Crackberries They Forced Everyone To Carry

from the what's-good-for-me... dept

Over the last few years, many companies have been gleefully handing out Blackberry devices to all their employees, hoping to have them "on call" 24/7. Of course, that's created a new problem. Employees are bringing those Blackberry devices to meetings and can't put them down, leading companies to institute new policies banning the devices from meeting rooms. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise, as there were already questions about mobile phone etiquette in the office, but it's extra amusing to see it with the so-called "Crackberries," since so many companies eagerly gave them out to people to "keep them working."

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  1. identicon
    Zorn, 22 Aug 2006 @ 7:32am

    My crazy ex-boss...

    Got himself, the CEO, and myself (Ops manager) blackberrys, he and the CEO being on the road a lot, myself being in warehouses a mile from my pc alot...

    Then months later he says 'Im going to get X and Y both blackberrys too!' He and our CEO smiled at their genius, get more workers blackberrys, they helped us, they should help everyone!

    X and Y were two women that worked in the office, NEVER left their desks, didnt work from home, and didnt have jobs that required constant contact, if there even is such a thing. They already had cell phones on the company plan. Would they get email and check their blackberry calendar while at their desk? :) We didnt have an exchange server either, so the emails didnt sync, and we had to delete emails from blackberrys and our pcs... Goes to show how stupid people can be.

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