by Derek Kerton

Airlines Signs Catching Up With The Times

It's been over a decade since smoking tobacco has been outright banned on most US airline flights (some countries still allow it). Despite this, we still have those "No Smoking" backlit signs overhead on all our airplanes. In Europe, where a few airlines are set to offer GSM cellular on board planes, they are planning on replacing the relic No Smoking signs with new No Cellular signs, which can be turned on or of depending on whether cell phone use is permitted. OnAir, the company that is providing the on-board cellular technology, suggests that airlines could have "quiet times" when cell phone use is restricted so people can sleep. The new signs get me thinking: what more useful things could we do with these outdated signs? Wouldn't we be better off replacing them with a" "Please have your son stop kicking the back of my chair" sign, or a "Please stop yakking louder than the jet engine" sign, or maybe a "Please apply some cologne" indicator. Just brainstorming here, feel free to help in the comments section.

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