Legal Issues

by Carlo Longino

FTC Says Rambus Monopolized Memory Tech Market

from the setbacks dept

The FTC has announced that it unanimously ruled Rambus did indeed break antitrust rules by misleading an SDRAM standards organization -- capping a fight that's stretched back several years, and centered on allegations that the company fought for certain technologies to be included in the standard, only revealing it had patented them after the fact when it started demanding high licensing fees for their use. The FTC hasn't yet decided on a punishment, and Rambus says it will appeal if it feels a remedy is too harsh (which would seem to indicate an appeal is almost inevitable). It's possible the company will have to pay significant damages, and apparently one FTC lawyer has said the company should ditch its royalty demands. While the ruling should give the company's critics more ammunition, be sure to check back for the comments to this post, where the roving pack of rabid Rambus investors will undoubtedly come and insult us, allege a hidden agenda, and explain how the FTC is part of some grand conspiracy aligned against them and the company.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 2 Aug 2006 @ 9:48am

    Re: What remedy would be appropriate?

    it could always get cheaper.

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