Bot-On-Bot eBay Scamming

from the when-the-bots-takeover dept

It's one of the oldest eBay scams in the book: sell something you don't have, pocket the money and walk away. However, these days, for it to work you need to have at least a decent eBay feedback reputation. A few years ago, this would work out with the scammer acting as a legit eBay user for a few months, buying and selling various cheap items, building up a decent profile... and then putting up some big expensive item for the scam payoff. Again, however, the times are changing and that process is too involved -- so the next generation of scammers has move on to eBay scamming automation. They use bots to scan eBay and buy $0.01 "buy it now" items. Apparently, many of the sellers who offer such things use bots themselves to manage all those offers -- including the near automatic "good feedback" stamps of approval. So, the bots talk to the bots, and any new scamming user can build up a nice looking feedback page with tons of successful deals -- all at just a penny a shot. The bots can create tons of new users as well, all of which are quickly building up good eBay reputations. Then, they can waltz in with the real scam and drop the account, and move right on to the next "primed" account their bot has set up for them. So far, there's no evidence that the bots on both sides may be controlled by the same scammers -- but each side benefits by getting a near automatic feedback boost.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 1 Aug 2006 @ 8:39am

    as a user, when an auction ends at time yy, the auciton is over. if i come in at yy - small time, and get highest bid, i win. i mean, anyone else has time in that small time to bid again, or they coulda bid higher. if they will pay xx and i will pay xx + .01, i have a higher price, then i win.

    it's almost like when an auctionere goes "once, twice, sold *bang*" if i bit when it goes bang, did i get in? who can tell?

    so, why should i have to bid again, when the auction keeps going on and on and on... it sucks, i know, but obviously you don't want the item as much as i do. if so, you'd either bit higher, or watch till the end.

    if you say you can't watch because of other commitments, well then you don't have a high enough value on the item, otherwise you'd candel your event and bid. i don't mean to be rude or anything, i'm sorry. but that's life. that's...eBay.

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