Forget The Lack Of Booth Babes; Next E3 May Be Missing Exhibitors

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Running a big conference ain't easy -- especially in the tech field. Even Comdex died eventually -- though it had clearly been on the decline well before the final towel was thrown (to Greece, apparently). However, it's still a bit surprising to potentially see a similar fate hit E3, the big video gaming conference held every spring. While there are conflicting reports concerning whether or not the show has simply been scaled back to bring it back to its roots, or if that's simply an attempt by the organizers to save face after all major exhibitors pulled out, it certainly sounds like some of the messy behind-the-scenes politics of conference culture is reaching the public. More details are supposed to be released later in the day Monday, but from what's been said, it appears to be a case where the various exhibitors teamed up to try to get a better deal out of the Entertainment Software Association, who perhaps thought they were bluffing -- leading the exhibitors to prove they were not. Of course, many people perhaps felt that E3 headed downhill after announcing its (mostly ignored) plans to ban "booth babes" at the last event.

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  1. identicon
    EnderofZones, 31 Jul 2006 @ 8:35am

    Ridiculousness of PC-ness

    To say that the fall of E3, if indeed that is what we are witnessing, isn't due in some part to the lack of booth babes is not only ridiculous political correct garbage but it's also stupid. Booth babes are a major part of the show whether people like to believe it or not, marketting to 20-somethings is a major part of the industry like it or not, sex sells, whether we like it or not. The majority of gamers contrary to whatever hype you may hear is still made up of guys, it's that simple. Believe it or not (and this may come as a shock) guys like sex, guys like hot girls, guys like girls that look like hot "ideal" girls that they can fantasize about having sex with. The average male brain generally stays in a 20 year old mind set (ever see the older guy trying to play ball like when he was in his 20's and then getting hurt?) that's just how we are. There are studies on it, look it up. That's why most men have commitment issues, we all have Peter Pan Syndrome, no shame there, who doesn't wanna stay young forever? Most guys just do it in their heads. If your too ignorant to "get" that, I'm sorry but those are the facts.

    Just like guys like violence. Some women like violence but guys are more aggressive. It's biology and the last thing I want in my games is political correctness. Nobody's asking ladies to like it, nobody asks guys to like sappy movies or the Lifetime channel, but give me a break. Booth babes never bothered anyone.If you can get the work, go for it. More power to the ladies. Noone thinks their vapid or dumb, they sell an ideal and that ideal wasn't sold and suddenly noone wants to go to the show. Shock and awe...

    Life sucks, ok. We play games to get away from real world issues, thats why there aren't a deluge of political and socio-political simulators on the market. People like to dream, people like to fantasize. Every expo has "babes." Try going to the supermarket and looking at Guns and Ammo, an excersize magazine, or a car modding magazine. There are "babes" everywhere. If women really wanted to change things they'd develop games other women liked and then they could have booth "hunks", I wouldn't care at all. But really penalizing someone because you don't like something and it doesn't hurt anyone is both ignorant and stupid. Why not do away with those violent and brainless saturday morning cartoons... oh wait, the PC police did that already. Damn.

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