Forget The Lack Of Booth Babes; Next E3 May Be Missing Exhibitors

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Running a big conference ain't easy -- especially in the tech field. Even Comdex died eventually -- though it had clearly been on the decline well before the final towel was thrown (to Greece, apparently). However, it's still a bit surprising to potentially see a similar fate hit E3, the big video gaming conference held every spring. While there are conflicting reports concerning whether or not the show has simply been scaled back to bring it back to its roots, or if that's simply an attempt by the organizers to save face after all major exhibitors pulled out, it certainly sounds like some of the messy behind-the-scenes politics of conference culture is reaching the public. More details are supposed to be released later in the day Monday, but from what's been said, it appears to be a case where the various exhibitors teamed up to try to get a better deal out of the Entertainment Software Association, who perhaps thought they were bluffing -- leading the exhibitors to prove they were not. Of course, many people perhaps felt that E3 headed downhill after announcing its (mostly ignored) plans to ban "booth babes" at the last event.

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  1. identicon
    Boilerbuzz, 31 Jul 2006 @ 10:08am

    Just so that it's clear.

    When I read this piece, I felt it implied that this is happening MAINLY because of booth babes and I'm sure that everyone that's in the industry knows that this is FAR from the truth. So I said the booth babe comments were irresponsible. I didn't say false, I said irresponsible. Then we get a person jumping into a diatribe about what young horny men like. Totally tangent to the point. All the while, no one stepping in to some of the main reasons. Well - here's some from what I've seen, heard, and experienced:

    - The expo is getting more expensive. Everything from travel to hotels to the show itself.
    - The press for your product is getting diluted because more of the same is being shown. We've looked at the impact of a "good" E3 versus and "bad" E3 and the cost is just not justified! THIS is the #1 reason from my perspective.
    - More restrictions on the booths - everyone is getting squeezed into the same space. More booth restrictions. Exhibitors raised MUCH more of stink over the noise issues than the booth babes. LA is getting played out as well.
    - Competition is getting more fierce. Devs are becoming more leary of showing their hand. If they control when certain information is released, they are much happier. If you don't show it, no one will come.

    Those are just starters. Give THOSE items some ink as opposed to whining about booth babes only.

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