Gov't Can't Hide EFF's Lawsuit Against AT&T Just Yet

from the but-there's-still-time dept

Both AT&T and the U.S. government have been working hard to get the EFF's lawsuit concerning passing info on to the NSA to disappear. However, their latest effort has failed, as a judge has refused a request to dismiss the case -- though AT&T can (and almost definitely will) still appeal. The judge's reasoning is interesting, claiming first that so much of the info concerning the case is already public, there's hardly an issue of secrecy. Of course, that may raise some questions about how that info became public. However, his second point is more interesting. AT&T's defense that they were "just following government orders" is not a valid one. That's something you would have thought was obvious these days, but it's nice to see it reinforced.

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  1. identicon
    PopeRatzo, 21 Jul 2006 @ 3:28am


    The only ass that's going to be bitten is the collective ass of US citizens.

    If you don't believe there is a concerted effort underway by corporate and other powerful interests to deprive us of any bit of secrecy, you need put down the PSP and read some news.

    Yesterday, there was a discussion in the media of a new program for "fairer" use of congested roads using a small transmitting device in every car that will tell the "transportation authority" if you're using busy streets and will send you a bill accordingly. Sort of the Big Brother version of the quite sensible fee Londoners pay to drive downtown. The downside of course, as expressed by the tech-drunk host, was that someone "might" be able to know where you are all the time.

    Oh, and I just got my new RFID passport.

    You're goddamn right I'm paranoid.

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