One More Time: Most People Don't Like Telecommuting

from the want-to-go-to-the-office dept

This isn't the first time this has been covered, but it seems that people are often surprised at studies like this. Despite high gas prices, plenty of people don't want to telecommute -- even if they have the option of doing so. Believe it or not, plenty of people actually like having a bit of time between work and home that let's them separate the two things. Of course, that doesn't seem like a good reason to ban telecommuting, but to realize that it's just not something everyone wants to do.

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  1. identicon
    I, for one, 13 Jul 2006 @ 8:35pm


    Agreed. It's really a hard balance to strike. Whatever your employment situation it's like working for yourself. You need to be disciplined in separating work from home life, create the proper space to work in and not let yourself flip flop between the two modes of being.

    Exposure to challenging opinions and real human characters is vital. You can quickly get right up your own ass stuck in the same room day after day no matter how pretty the outlook. If you telecommute it's important to get out or visit the office of the company you're working for at least once or twice a month.

    But for me it's just a more productive way of working. I like to get things done. So much so that I developed very efficient work methods over the years that mean I can get whole weks off to do nothing but roam the countryside, or play video games or gas my opinions on the internet :) To do that I have to create long periods of undisturbed peace where I can code or document without interruption and distraction. You don't get that in an office.

    The office is a horrible place imho. People who work in offices run at about 10-20% efficiency maximum. They spend their days engaged in pointless shirking, jobsworth games, office politics...
    In fact some offices are nightmares because of the other people who work there. Bosses who cannot delegate and constantly pester you to satisfy their own insecurities, fire drills, maintainance people crawling under your desk, office jokers, the new girl in her 1/4 length skirt and stilletos... well not everything is bad, but i like to just have a screen and peace and quiet to work hard.

    I had to develop theroutine and discipline to work alone, and it wasn't easy. When your work and home life are not separate it's actually easier to become a workaholic and neglect other things because the boundaries are not there.

    But I recognise that psychological need for a home away from home in some people. It's just not for me.

    With a laptop to take out for fieldwork and a dedicated server in the farm running most of my business I am free to come and go - work is where I make it.

    From that base I can *choose* to go and socialise and be around people when I need them, go visit the office on some pretext or whatever.

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