Isn't Competition Supposed To Lower Rates?

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If you haven't been following what's been going on in Lafayette Louisiana, they've been having quite a technology battle. The local telco and cable company (BellSouth and Cox) have been spending millions of dollars fighting a proposed muni-fiber offering that the residents of the city voted for. The people of the city voted for it, even after push polls (designed to influence the vote, not accurately predict it) and silly threats from the incumbents. Ever since it was approved, however, the incumbents have been able to hold up the deployment by fighting it in court. Cox and BellSouth, of course, claim that such a muni network would represent unfair competition -- something they should know an awful lot about, since Cox was recently accused of anti-competitive practices in blocking out competitors in certain new housing developments. Apparently, from their point of view, "unfair competition" is just about any competition. Competition, of course, might force them to do something like offer more competitive rates -- something studies have shown isn't really happening yet. With that in mind, is it really any surprise to hear that Cox is now raising their cable rates in the city, even as they try to convince the courts that the muni-fiber network would be bad for the people of the city?

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  1. identicon
    I, for one, 13 Jul 2006 @ 8:55pm

    i vote no for mob-rule

    "democracy isn't the end-all be all... a racist group of people can vote to kill a mexican. it doesn't make them right-- this is why we have a representative democracy and seperation of powers with checks and balances. "

    It's a nice sentiment to believe in a "representative democracy and seperation of powers with checks and balances."

    But I assert that is just as much a myth as true democracy. I mean, show me one? You're alluding to the government of the USA, am I correct? So how is it that this representative democracy with seperation of powers and checks and balances came to the enlightened position of invading two other soverign countries and getting themselves into a situation where they are dropping phosphorous bombs on women and kids? It didn't make them right either did it?

    You may call them a mob, I call them people.

    Imho the sum of the opinions of a large group of people, which may contain a few fringe lunatics, is better than the sum of the opinions of a small group of cloistered elitists consisting of mostly fringe lunatics.

    I'll take my chances with the "mob" thankyou very much.

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