How Long Does The RIAA Get To Abuse The Legal System?

from the keep-on-suing dept

The RIAA has dropped its file-sharing suit against an Oklahoma mother who had no connection to any such activities, beyond paying an ISP bill. Good news -- sort of. The case was dropped after the woman filed a claim to have it dismissed, then faced with the prospect their case would be thrown out, the RIAA asked -- and was allowed -- to withdraw it on their own instead. This is basically the same scenario as that of a Michigan woman who the group sued because her kids were alleged to be file-sharing, though in this most recent case, the RIAA will have to pay the defandant's legal bills. Several questions are raised here, but first and foremost is why does the RIAA simply get to drop these lawsuits with little or no repercussions when it becomes clear they're bogus? Again and again, the RIAA has filed these spurious lawsuits, simply bullying people and employing dubious tactics. And despite not ever actually winning a fully litigated case, instead just trying to steamroll people into paying ridiculous damages, the RIAA rolls on. At some point, shouldn't somebody put a stop to these bogus suits, and force the RIAA to own up to the consequences of using the legal system as its personal sandbox? The costs of these individual cases mean nothing to the RIAA, even if they have to pay a defendant's legal bills, but the costs to the people they're suing -- who are often innocent, but are bullied into settling -- are significant. Why are they allowed to continue? Keep in mind, too, that the lawsuits have done nothing to stop file-sharing.

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    Gabriel Tane (profile), 14 Jul 2006 @ 1:33pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Post 17

    "12 years later and he has not gotten over it. He lost his dreams and everything that he worked his ass off to achieve. What is that worth to you?"

    And again... how will money make that all better? If he still cries about it after 12 years, if he is still that emotionally damaged, how has that $5mil helped? How has his pain and suffering been alleviated?

    I would say add counseling to the medical rehabilitation. That would be a hellova lot more appropriate than just dumping money on the problem.

    Counseling, and all of the expenses you stated, is something that can be calculated. No, you can't predict the future, but you can statistically predict it with startling accuracy.

    A lot of people's dreams are shattered by events beyond their control. What about them? What happens when there's not a specific person or persons to blame for the injury? Should they sue god/fate/nature? What happens if the wind blows a tree down onto my house, crushing me in my bed? What about my pain and suffering?

    Just because there is a set of pockets in sight, doesn't mean that P&S should be paid until the person feels better. No disrespect to the person in your example... but we can't rely on the idea of "until you feel better". Human greed will leave that door open forever.

    I'm not saying that people shouldn't be compensated for their loss. I'm not saying that P&S is not a form of loss. But there should be a limit placed on it. Currently, we rely on the definition of "reasonable". That obviously has not worked to this point.

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