How Long Does The RIAA Get To Abuse The Legal System?

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The RIAA has dropped its file-sharing suit against an Oklahoma mother who had no connection to any such activities, beyond paying an ISP bill. Good news -- sort of. The case was dropped after the woman filed a claim to have it dismissed, then faced with the prospect their case would be thrown out, the RIAA asked -- and was allowed -- to withdraw it on their own instead. This is basically the same scenario as that of a Michigan woman who the group sued because her kids were alleged to be file-sharing, though in this most recent case, the RIAA will have to pay the defandant's legal bills. Several questions are raised here, but first and foremost is why does the RIAA simply get to drop these lawsuits with little or no repercussions when it becomes clear they're bogus? Again and again, the RIAA has filed these spurious lawsuits, simply bullying people and employing dubious tactics. And despite not ever actually winning a fully litigated case, instead just trying to steamroll people into paying ridiculous damages, the RIAA rolls on. At some point, shouldn't somebody put a stop to these bogus suits, and force the RIAA to own up to the consequences of using the legal system as its personal sandbox? The costs of these individual cases mean nothing to the RIAA, even if they have to pay a defendant's legal bills, but the costs to the people they're suing -- who are often innocent, but are bullied into settling -- are significant. Why are they allowed to continue? Keep in mind, too, that the lawsuits have done nothing to stop file-sharing.

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    Gabriel Tane (profile), 14 Jul 2006 @ 7:05am

    There's one point that's missing in the discussion about Tort, malpractice, healthcare costs, et. al.

    Let's break the cycle down. And I have a niche inside this cycle, so yes, I do know some of what I'm talking about.

    Lawsuit is filed, and a doctor's malpractice coverage has to pay out multi-millions of dollars. The premium for the insurance is increased, which means the doctor has to pay more for it. The doctor has no choice (no, I'm right... no choice) but to pass that cost on to his source of income (basic business here). These rising costs means that healthcare insurance has to pay more for doctor's bills. That increased cost is passed onto the insurance company's source of income: us. And some of us (not accusing anyone here of this...) decide to recoup that by finding a lawyer who will drum up the simplest infraction into a multi-million dollar malpractice suit.

    That's why we pay more for health insurance. So, all of you people out that got rich off of an unnecessary malpractice suit... I only wish the doctor had killed you instead of just hurting you.

    The thing that's out of hand and that needs to be reformed is the "pain and suffering" claims. If yon Dr. makes a mistake while performing his duties on me, I would expect compensation for the added costs of fixing that mistake. That would include any costs for rehabilitation, added inconvenience (i.e. opening my home's doorways to make it wheelchair compatible), and maybe a bit of an "I'm sorry" payment.

    What I should not get is multiple-millions of dollars because I'm going to walk with a slight limp for the rest of my life.

    Bottom line is this: if I'm injured, I should be indemnified. That means I should be put back to the financial position I was at before the injury. I should not benefit from that injury.

    I don't know what's worse: the fact that so many of us Americans try to retire in our 30's by winning the Lawsuit Lottery, or that there are more than enough lawyers who are willing to sell their souls to help.

    So yeah, Coward at Comment#5... bash Doctors all you want... Bitch about how they make money and have nice stuff. You know what? They fucking earned it. That's who's keeping us alive. That's who's motivated themselves to endless education (they're not done after med-school, you know) in order to help other people get better... to make a positive difference in the world. How many doctors do you know decided to become a doctor as a get-rich-quick scheme? So, next time you decide to make a forum entry just so you can show how cool you are by using trite, overused and unoriginal net speak... how about we think a bit first.

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