Gambling Is Bad (Unless It's A State Sponsored Lotto Or Involves Horses)

from the then-it's-fine? dept

As expected, our elected Congress folks have moved forward with their plans to "clarify" gambling laws, which will effectively outlaw playing online poker, even allowing the government to push ISPs to block access to gambling sites. Of course, if the similar law in Washington State is anything to go by, expect all sorts of perfectly legitimate sites to be forced offline. Once again, it seems unfair to put the burden here on ISPs to block these sites. If the gambling sites share servers with other perfectly legitimate sites, those will be taken offline as well. It's worth noting, of course, that the law carves out exceptions for state lotteries (gambling is good when the money goes the government, apparently) and horse racing... because... well, there's really no good reason for it, but apparently some Congress folks like to bet on the ponies. It's unlikely the bill will go anywhere as the Senate apparently doesn't care much about this issue, but it's yet another example of Congress gearing up for election season by tackling the "really important problems" facing our nation.

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  1. identicon
    That Christian again...., 13 Jul 2006 @ 10:44am

    Re: Christians are Stupid

    Stupid is as stupid does. Your use of this forum to combat my beliefs that you can't begin to understand is stupid! But nevertheless, I'll go with it.

    Yeah, I worship a carpenter. So? Wanna come play cards and have a drink and discuss it more? I'll take you're money and donate it to the cause. For historical the works of Josepus. Read also Foxes (sp?) book of Martyrs. I just HATE it when lame Christians tell me the Bible is the word of God because it says so in it's pages. God, we invite ourselves to look stupid sometimes. Hell, MOST of the time.

    Don't you know that Christians are monotheists? One God. Jesus = God = Christ = the creator. One. You can't understand that. I don't. I accept it on faith. You miss the point entirely. The Jews missed the point too. They were looking for a physical deliverance from slavery. It wasn't about that! Jesus brought deliverance to them (and all of us) in the form of deliverance from ultimate and eternal death (don't get me started on the fallacy of an ever burning hell fire). He brought freedom. He lived just so he could pay a price for my soul. Yours too. Christianity is about freedom. It is not about following a bunch of rules. My favorite description of Christianity is this..."it's one beggar telling another beggar where to find food." Get yourself a beer, get a comfy folding chair and head to the beach. Read C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity"...if you are brave enough to do so. See what you think then. But before you read it, do this to humor me. Sincerely say this, Jesus, if you're real. PROVE IT! That's all I ask.

    I myslef have gotten on my knees and prayed to that carpenter and had miracles delivered. At death's door, prayers were issued for me and suddenly I was as if I never had sickness. Christ is alive. Jesus is real. I pray you know Him someday.

    Good luck, brother.

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