Is The Navy Trying To Patent The Firewall?

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Bruce Schneier has noticed that the US Navy is apparently trying to patent something that sounds suspiciously like a firewall. It could still be rejected, but just the fact that they filed such a patent in early 2005 suggests how much effort is being put into filing patents for old ideas just because the patent system seems willing to approve more often than not.

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  1. identicon
    DittoBox, 7 Jul 2006 @ 2:08pm


    With enough money you could probably do it.

    I'm not sure what pisses me off more: That the corporation with their greed and their money control so damn much, or that 90% of the public just don't give crap that the corporations do control so much and wouldn't lift a finger to either vote or stop using products from these corporations.

    The capitalist system relies on work -which is not always easy to do- from all parties involved. The producer/company must innovate and provide a good product to stay in buisness while the consumer/client must do his research, know what he's buying and avoid companies that do "bad things".

    Right now, both parties are relying on "the government" to prop themselves up. This won't work because the corporations have a lot more money than the rest of us. Hence the broken patent system. The patent system was designed for the little guy, yet anymore the big guy is using it to consistently and predictably take down the little guy. I've personally seen this happen. Had the guy I know had the money to throw away at the patent office he'd have made a good amount of money with his product, instead he got screwed over and lost it all.

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