Attention English Teachers: Google Is Officially A Verb

from the fun-for-the-trademark-lawyers dept

Every summer, it's always fun to see what new tech-related words make it into the Oxford English Dictionary as official "words." A few years ago, it was things like "blog," "cyberslacker," and "egosurf." This year, however, the Google lawyers probably won't be all that thrilled to discover that Google has now been included as a verb. Yes, that's right. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it's now perfectly legitimate to say you "Googled" something. From the standpoint of Google, however, this could take them a step closer to losing the trademark on their own name, as it starts to fall into more common usage. Can Google sue the Oxford English Dictionary?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 6 Jul 2006 @ 10:18am

    Will anybody in Generation-X use this verb?

    I think a lot of the brand names became common verbs or nouns in casual conversation because of a person's first few times of hearing the brand name said in that context.
    I always ask for a Q-Tip or Kleanex (sp?) or Band-Aid because that's how my parents referred to them as; however, my grand-parents always use the definition of those brand names such as cotton swab, tissue or bandage. But I never ask something to be Xeroxed (even if it is using a Xerox copies) or say "Let's go Rollerblading" because those things were invented during my lifetime, and I know what they are.

    So I can't see Google being used as a verb much by people who were born before the invention of a search engine (not many on this site by the looks of it), but it may find it's way in a later generation.

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