by Mike Masnick

Pushing Back On Fear Mongering Reports About Open WiFi Networks

from the about-time dept

We've covered so many fear mongering reports about how dangerous open WiFi networks are, it's quite amazing to see a press article that quotes security researchers pushing back on the latest fear mongering report. As Bruce Schneier notes in the article, it's not the open network that's the issue, but the devices on the network. If the devices are secured, it can be quite safe to use an open network or leave your network open. It seems like there's just a kneejerk reaction against the idea of open WiFi these days. While there may be some risk in getting falsely accused if someone misuses your WiFi, we've yet to hear of any such case where it took very long for the innocence of the network owner to be established.

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  1. identicon
    Tom, 28 Jun 2006 @ 6:54am

    Security thru ignorance

    If lack of physical access to your computer network is the only security you have, then you are destined for being stolen from. Open WiFi is no different than having a network jack on the outside wall of your building where anyone can plug in. You should have security procedures that will let a hacker plug into your network physically or connect via Open WiFi and not be able to access sensitive information. If you can't do that, then every employee is potential thief.

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