Dial-Up: Dead Or Alive?

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It's always fun when you get two absolutely conflicting headlines to show up on the same day. Broadband Reports picks up on a Nielsen/NetRatings study with the title: Newsflash: Dial-Up is Dying, while Fox retorts: Reports of Death of Dial-Up Internet Greatly Exaggerated. Of course, the details suggest that both may be right. They're actually talking about different studies. The second one is about a Pew study -- and the numbers are slightly different, but relatively close. The Nielsen report notes 28% still using dialup (while also pointing out that's down from 43% last year). The Pew report says 34% -- a slightly higher number. However, the Pew report also asked those dialup users what their intentions for the future were, and 60% said they were perfectly happy with dialup accounts, and saw no reason to move to broadband. So, perhaps dialup is simply shrinking, but there are going to be a core group of holdouts, who just won't let go of the sound of a modem connecting for quite some time.

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  1. identicon
    Nilt, 23 Jun 2006 @ 1:56pm

    The real title should be "Broadband's penetration

    Here in the Seattle area, I still see huge swaths where dialup is the ONLY option. There are places where cable and/or DSL is a constant in 6 months you'll have it" and where you also couldn't get a decent satellite feed, either.

    This can literally be in the middle of other areas which do have DSL or cable. The penetration of broadband is abysmal compared to what the general public thinks. Even in the Seattle City limits, it was only 12 months ago that 128k/128k DSL became available on my block, although the telco will sure charge ya for faster. Not that the lines support faster but you can pay for it. The cable's surprisingly stable where I am but in other spots it’s hit and miss.

    What ticked me off the most was last summer when the City ran fiber past my house but I can’t tap into it because it’s not a public utility line. Apparently it’s just for City Government use. Argh!

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