Dial-Up: Dead Or Alive?

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It's always fun when you get two absolutely conflicting headlines to show up on the same day. Broadband Reports picks up on a Nielsen/NetRatings study with the title: Newsflash: Dial-Up is Dying, while Fox retorts: Reports of Death of Dial-Up Internet Greatly Exaggerated. Of course, the details suggest that both may be right. They're actually talking about different studies. The second one is about a Pew study -- and the numbers are slightly different, but relatively close. The Nielsen report notes 28% still using dialup (while also pointing out that's down from 43% last year). The Pew report says 34% -- a slightly higher number. However, the Pew report also asked those dialup users what their intentions for the future were, and 60% said they were perfectly happy with dialup accounts, and saw no reason to move to broadband. So, perhaps dialup is simply shrinking, but there are going to be a core group of holdouts, who just won't let go of the sound of a modem connecting for quite some time.

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  1. identicon
    Howard, 23 Jun 2006 @ 12:29pm

    Dial-up backup

    When I was forced to used Comcast cable for "broadband" (no other competition in my area), I kept a $10/month dialup account to use for a backup, simply because I could not afford to have my business be down for as long or as often as the Comcast cable was out (sometimes for as long as 3 days at a stretch). Interestingly, there were times that the Comcast cable was nominally 'up', but the dial-up was actually faster.

    Although I have had FiOS for a couple of months (long enough that I have some confidence that it is more reliable than Comcast cable), I still keep the dialup account because I can use my cellphone to attach to my laptop on the road. Eventually, however, I will drop the dialup, once Wi-fi become sufficiently ubiquitous, or WiMax (or some variant) becomes both inexpensive and widely available.

    Comcast is history as far as I'm concerned, but I don't really want them to go out of business -- I don't want Verizon to get complacent. Competition is a Good Thing.
    Howard Lee Harkness
    The Celtic Fidder www.celtic-fiddler.com

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