Dial-Up: Dead Or Alive?

from the not-dead-yet! dept

It's always fun when you get two absolutely conflicting headlines to show up on the same day. Broadband Reports picks up on a Nielsen/NetRatings study with the title: Newsflash: Dial-Up is Dying, while Fox retorts: Reports of Death of Dial-Up Internet Greatly Exaggerated. Of course, the details suggest that both may be right. They're actually talking about different studies. The second one is about a Pew study -- and the numbers are slightly different, but relatively close. The Nielsen report notes 28% still using dialup (while also pointing out that's down from 43% last year). The Pew report says 34% -- a slightly higher number. However, the Pew report also asked those dialup users what their intentions for the future were, and 60% said they were perfectly happy with dialup accounts, and saw no reason to move to broadband. So, perhaps dialup is simply shrinking, but there are going to be a core group of holdouts, who just won't let go of the sound of a modem connecting for quite some time.

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    WD Milner, 23 Jun 2006 @ 11:40am

    Hardly dead or even close

    I'd have to go looking for any updates but the last stats I saw (about 2 months ago were that of the worldwide internet users (only about 15% of the world population) some 75-80% still used dial-up.

    This is for various reasons such low cost, unavailability of broadband, cost of broadband. While many places have high penetration of brodband services, and in some cases cheap rates, that penetration is by no means as deep as the providers would have us think.

    As to site stats those can be influence by many things. One of the most obvious is - does your content cater to material of primary interest to the average broadband user rather than the general user? Is the site media rich or slow and time consuming to use for someone on dial-up (which means they stop visiting and work gets around that it's a slow site so fewer others on dial-up don't visit).

    There is a lot of life left in dial-up and it will be around a long time so long as some providers insist on gouging level priice for broadband in some markets. In other regions it's simply a matter of access. Since the cost to provide, or number of customers is too low, some regions are ignored by most providers.

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