How The Telcos And The Government Are About To Boost The Encryption Market

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There's lots of news today about the (not particularly surprising) revelations that AT&T may have helped monitor internet traffic for the NSA. It's interesting to note, with this news, the side story that AT&T also just revamped their privacy policy, allowing them to more freely share whatever data they collect with government officials. However, rather than discuss those two issues (which are being discussed widely), a more interesting question is whether or not this, along with the ongoing debates around net neutrality, will actually lead more people to simply encrypt their internet traffic. It certainly could open up quite the business opportunity for firms providing encrypted VPN systems that basically scramble all your data so your ISP can't snoop and can't prioritize (or downgrade) the traffic. Recently, I've found myself using a VPN not just for the security purposes, but to get around annoying port 25 blocks that won't let me send out emails unless I'm using that particular ISP's mail server. So, with all these efforts to snoop on traffic or "shape" traffic, perhaps all the telcos and the government is doing is encouraging everyone to figure out ways to hide or disguise their traffic to get them to leave us all alone. Already we're seeing some companies use this as the marketing peg on which to sell their encryption services. Expect to see plenty more.

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    David, 21 Jun 2006 @ 7:24pm

    Re: Re: Americans....

    I'm quoting that speil about americans, europe speaking german etc. That is all...

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