by Mike Masnick

What Do You Do When 80 Other People Are Using Your Social Security Number?

from the good-luck dept

With so many data leaks these days, whatever little belief you had that your social security number was private should now be completely shattered. It's a joke that anyone still uses SSNs for any form of identification -- and yet it's still considered the standard. Perhaps a few more cases like the following one will help rectify that. A woman who had not worked in a few years was surprised recently to receive a note from the IRS about taxes she owed. As she tried to get to the bottom of the situation, she discovered that her social security number was being used by at least 80 individuals around the country to help them get jobs. What happened after that demonstrates just how screwed up the system is. While she continued to run into various problems due to others using her SSN (including being held at customs because someone using her SSN was wanted for a felony and having trouble getting a new job), the IRS basically told her that she was going to face the same set of problems every year, and there was basically nothing she could do about it (other than get a new SSN, which she eventually did). In the meantime, can someone explain why Social Security Numbers are still being used for identification at all?

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  1. identicon
    Dam, 19 Jun 2006 @ 9:05am


    For the last 6 mos its all about RFID.the good parts of course. now on the other hand by googling RFID you will see that Wal-Mart and other retailers are using this now to follow us..yes track us. in baby formula bottles.cds,all pc parts,sewn in to your favorite blue jeans,placed in between the cardboard packaging,inside of the plastic of some bottles...just hold up something you buy from any store to the light"if it is translucent that is" and look for the little strip,or square puzzle piece looking thingy.if you use speed pass or bonus cards, to buy gas or food. you had to fill out a form so they know where you shop,what you watch on directv,cable,which cell phone you own. which can be tracked by gps nowadays. also where you eat ,remember those jeans you wear and that formula you have in the baby bag are being watched. so they know you are on welfare,or rich and either you can afford or not,you cant deny it they are watching....... so can the RFID chips.

    And now the moonbat contingent speaks.....

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