by Carlo Longino

Disposable Cameras Hold Off Digital

from the point-shoot-throw-away dept

As the large-scale shift from film to digital cameras rolls on, there is one bright (or at least less dark) spot for film -- disposable cameras, which are holding their sales better than traditional film cameras. This reinforces one of the points that make cameraphones so popular: that the best camera at any given point is the one you have with you. If people manage to forget a standalone digital camera, or don't have one at all, it makes sense they'd turn to disposables, particularly if they want to print their photos. Another factor to the attractiveness of disposables is that their low cost translates into a low risk for users. If users are doing an activity where they're concerned about damaging or losing an expensive digital camera or cameraphone, they're likely to use a disposable camera since they're cheap. Another interesting aspect to the disposable market is the low impact digital has made in the space. There are digital disposable cameras available, but they aren't particularly popular and are relatively expensive and low-quality when compared to film. With most photo developers offering customers the ability to get their images on disk or from a web site, the digital/film distinction isn't particularly important to disposable users. While the traditional film camera business is in a pretty steep decline, the disposable film market looks like it will hang on for quite a while yet.

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  1. identicon
    WTF, 15 Jun 2006 @ 12:12pm


    You know what would be cool...if i can be able to take pictures by just blinking and then send that image to a cpu so that it could store it or just store it somwhere in my brain. So i when i go to sleep it would just be like a photo album and those pictures would be just rolling by and then maybe go to that cpu where it also holds those pics and print them or some shit...haha

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