Rational Thoughts On Network Neutrality

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We've been pointing out the ridiculous editorials on network neutrality that get the basic facts wrong and ignore the real issue (the lack of competition), so we might as well point to the well written pieces on the topic as well. Former telco exec Tom Evslin writes out a nice balanced article that highlights the real issues (the lack of competition) while also noting why network neutrality is necessary -- and why trying to legislate network neutrality is difficult to impossible and could backfire as well. He, like us at Techdirt, feels that there's too many lies on both sides of this debate -- and its obscuring the real issues. So what will it take to move the discussion away from the minor issue of network neutrality, and back to the bigger issue of competition?

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    Robert Rittmuller, 15 Jun 2006 @ 9:22am

    The revolution will be netized...

    I agree, we need greater competition in order to foster better prices and greater selection. I also agree that the issue has become very clouded and it is high time we all paid closer attention to what factors are the key motivators for the current legislation. One small thing I would like to draw some attention to is the idea that somehow the internet is the end in itself when it only comprises the delivery method for services. It sure seems like many are focused on the issue of broadband delivery costs when this only comprises a very small part of the larger issue. My gut feeling is that media companies are running scared, afraid they are about to lose large amounts of ground to upstarts like Apple's iTunes (and many others). In an effort to protect these interests the media giants are circling the wagons (recent legislation) in an effort to cut these services off where they are most vulnerable, at the "last mile". If the media giants (cable companies are especially suspect here) succeed in accomplishing this then I would expect to see the Internet access market move away from cable modems to other technologies as customers become frustrated because they are unable to access online video services.

    Just my .02 ;-)

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