Rational Thoughts On Network Neutrality

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We've been pointing out the ridiculous editorials on network neutrality that get the basic facts wrong and ignore the real issue (the lack of competition), so we might as well point to the well written pieces on the topic as well. Former telco exec Tom Evslin writes out a nice balanced article that highlights the real issues (the lack of competition) while also noting why network neutrality is necessary -- and why trying to legislate network neutrality is difficult to impossible and could backfire as well. He, like us at Techdirt, feels that there's too many lies on both sides of this debate -- and its obscuring the real issues. So what will it take to move the discussion away from the minor issue of network neutrality, and back to the bigger issue of competition?

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  1. identicon
    JR, 14 Jun 2006 @ 11:38pm


    Well, I think the idea that cable companies are going to be battered around by all this is going to prove out on it's own. With DVRs and varying packages, cable companies offer a lot of different solutions. Granted, they won't be for everyone, but the dirty little rub about IPTV is that the people who want their shows NOW without interruption or subscribing already get what they want... from other fans. It's call fan-sharing, and it's the biggest kept secret of the P2P networks. Movies? Music? Screw that, man. I catch up on episodes of shows I just can't get anywhere else. These guys keep extensive archives that are commercial free. It's not just for weird fan-geeks of Japanese anymore, and hasn't been for awhile.

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