Dell Finally Notices Its Poor Service Hurts Sales

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For quite some time, Dell has been getting slammed for its shoddy customer service, something that's contributed to its slowing business and declining market share. But what was obvious to the outside world apparently wasn't clear to the company -- which at one point thought it would be a good idea to remove its toll-free support number from its web site to prevent people from calling -- as it's only recently really moved to improve its service and try to repair its dented reputation. This illustrates one of the downsides of competing largely on price -- when your competitors match, you've got to be prepared to differentiate and compete in other areas, something it looks like Dell's heavy focus on cost-cutting prevented. What's interesting is that many of the reforms Dell's new customer-service boss wants to implement are riffs on its manufacturing procedures, making it even more surprising that nobody noticed before. However, one stock analyst says all the changes (and resultant costs) "sure doesn't help Dell make its quarterly numbers" -- but when its poor service is holding back sales, the company's got little choice.

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  1. identicon
    whatthehell, 26 Apr 2008 @ 2:40pm

    Re: Cant help it

    I can't understand a damn thing you said. How about using proper grammer and punctuation? I understand that the british are the reason why india 'speaks' english, so why is that the british are infinitely more easily understood?... I honestly hang up 90% of the time without saying a word when I reach an indian agent. When their name is 5 syllabils(?) and you didn't understand a word they said why bother trying after that. Why don't you guys just stick to supporting indian products and leave the American support to the Americas. You guys do a shitty job at supporting our products and the only reason you get a chance is because of corporate greed, because 1 guy at the top of our companies is greedy and conniving enough to think he can give himself a bonus of an extra million a year, and most cases the end result is the business failing or getting sold off. You guys destroy the companies you are trying to support. You are a short term bandaid that ends up tanking the company. You are like using low quality gas... sure its cheap but in the end it ruins your car. Sure you may watch South Park, but how much of it do you really understand? 5 or 10%? I doubt its that much. Our cultures are vastly different and the reality is you guys suck donkey balls at fielding any question not specifically scripted for you and asked 5x by the customer. We hang up in frustration and anger because you are not even worth the time or effort to rephrase it a 6th time. You have to wonder why most of your incoming calls get abandoned? It has never crossed your mind that 8 out of 10 calls shouldn't drop after you say your name?

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