Dell Finally Notices Its Poor Service Hurts Sales

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For quite some time, Dell has been getting slammed for its shoddy customer service, something that's contributed to its slowing business and declining market share. But what was obvious to the outside world apparently wasn't clear to the company -- which at one point thought it would be a good idea to remove its toll-free support number from its web site to prevent people from calling -- as it's only recently really moved to improve its service and try to repair its dented reputation. This illustrates one of the downsides of competing largely on price -- when your competitors match, you've got to be prepared to differentiate and compete in other areas, something it looks like Dell's heavy focus on cost-cutting prevented. What's interesting is that many of the reforms Dell's new customer-service boss wants to implement are riffs on its manufacturing procedures, making it even more surprising that nobody noticed before. However, one stock analyst says all the changes (and resultant costs) "sure doesn't help Dell make its quarterly numbers" -- but when its poor service is holding back sales, the company's got little choice.

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  1. identicon
    JBrar, 20 Jun 2007 @ 3:15pm

    Dell King of Crap Service

    It feels like since the moment I made that ill-fated decision to purchase a Dell inspiron 6000 I have run into nothing but frustration and anger over my decision.

    Upon first placing the order for a system...wait for it not once, not twice but at least 3 times I was finally able to speak to a rep to correct the "mistake" and actually get the system.

    Granted the system worked for the first year and a half the problems began not long after.....good thing I got that extra Complete Care Warranty right!?!?! Hardly...after several calls stemming from small things like the screen freezing or the possessed touch pad the calls started to get into bigger problems like the Blue screen which says your harddrive is corrupt. Repeatedly and stupidly I went through the Rinse and Repeat steps: Call, hold, system check, hold, reboot. Being a computer illiterate I could even tell them that the hard drive needed replacing but to no avail. What do I know I only work on the shitbox day in and day out! Oh lets not forget the reminders that I had the Complete Care and wanted to send the system for "Complete Care"!!!

    Then one day Surprise...the system crashed altogether. Not only did I lose an important work document I was told to go out and shill out $200 to have my files, whatever was left, retrieved. In the meantime wait for the hard drive to be sent in and replace it. Of course this was not so easy. The system still did not work....when asked to speak to a manager about what would be done to compensate for the frustration I got 2 mins with a nonchalant manager who kept repeating that they would send me a way bill to ship the whole system for repair. I have the system back, but the latest there are no software applications on the system. Just getting off the phone with Dell yet again...being told that they sent me Wordperfect with the system and though my system upon initial start up had Microsoft Office installed. Dell can not do anything about it.

    Here's another thing Dell can't do anything about, me telling every contact in my address book that not only does Dell not care about its customers, but if you're lucky enough to get your order through on the first try you'll still have several years of problems to look forward too! Dell can rest assured no future PC purchase I make will be with them! Congrats Dell another customer happily walking away.

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