Dell Finally Notices Its Poor Service Hurts Sales

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For quite some time, Dell has been getting slammed for its shoddy customer service, something that's contributed to its slowing business and declining market share. But what was obvious to the outside world apparently wasn't clear to the company -- which at one point thought it would be a good idea to remove its toll-free support number from its web site to prevent people from calling -- as it's only recently really moved to improve its service and try to repair its dented reputation. This illustrates one of the downsides of competing largely on price -- when your competitors match, you've got to be prepared to differentiate and compete in other areas, something it looks like Dell's heavy focus on cost-cutting prevented. What's interesting is that many of the reforms Dell's new customer-service boss wants to implement are riffs on its manufacturing procedures, making it even more surprising that nobody noticed before. However, one stock analyst says all the changes (and resultant costs) "sure doesn't help Dell make its quarterly numbers" -- but when its poor service is holding back sales, the company's got little choice.

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  1. identicon
    Godfrey, 13 Mar 2007 @ 1:38am

    Lenovo is no better if not worse...

    lenovo is managed by Chinese... service standard and system management is much worse than the west. by the way, I'm a Chinese... I won't buy Lenovo if I still got a breath.

    I thought buying IBM notebook would be different.. sorry! First if you want to receive service internationally, think twice, you might have to learn Mandarin before receiving any service.

    I bought a Thinkpad in Hong Kong, I thought I could repair in Shenzhen after registration on the net. No they said the system is seperate, you need to follow extra procedures like faxing to a Beijing fax no. of your invoice and passport. I called a Beijing phone no. and guess what they can't even confirm your 'alphabet' correctly... I wonder if I have to learn french to begin to get any form of service in Paris...

    This is not the end... after my first repair service, they lost all my records and changed my warranty expiration to ex-factory date, which is almost 5 months earlier. I found that out during my second repair, of course I didn't get my repair. I had to go to the retail shop to beg for an invoice reprint because I didn't keep my invoice with me. After sending them the invoice, they told me they need 1 fxxking week to update their record.....

    This time I can't hold my patience. I asked the operator for his supervisor and guess what... his supervisor is not around... and I had to wait for them to reply. And for several days, my only answer from them, is "please wait for our reply"...

    I can speak English and Cantonese and Madarin. These operators can only speak their mother tongue fluently. You won't be able to have decent conversation with them in English. I wonder how I would be if I could only speak English... I probably would explode

    Dell's service is terrible either, because they like to swich your line to people who can't pronounce 'alphabets' correctly, not to mention professionally.

    I guess when you want to buy things at the cheapest price, you'll get lousy service. Dell is famous for its low price PC.

    However, Thinkpad is not cheap. I am sure with these kind of systematic problem, their performance won't get anywhere. You may want to short some stock of Lenovo... Lenovo can only use IBM's previous brand name for limited period...

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