Jack Thompson Now Running Police Investigations

from the blame-game dept

Apparently at the behest of Jack Thompson, some sheriff's deputies in Louisiana have seized some video games from the home of a teenage murder suspect as "evidence". Evidence of what? That the kid has a games console or PC? Thompson says that he told the police to look for games because reports of the crime fit the scenario of the Grand Theft Auto games -- which would also indicate that any kid with a paper route must be an avid Paperboy player, though we've missed all the reports of Frogger driving people to play in traffic. All Thompson's trying to do (apart from drum up some publicity for himself) is shift the blame for the crime from a sick, stupid killer onto video games -- just the latest in his line of attempts to let people abdicate any responsibility for their actions. One other question -- why do law-enforcement officers in Louisiana now need an activist lawyer from Florida to tell them how to do their jobs?

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  1. identicon
    Minshi, 5 Jun 2006 @ 8:28pm

    News Inspires Murderious Rampage

    June 09, 2008

    Early today Jacky Benten, 16, took up a gun and allegedly murdered fifteen of her classmates in cold blood. She was captured after killing the thirteenth victim, however was released due to the inability to prosecute her. The reason was when police searched her they found a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Stories in her purse. By the Thompson Law of 2006 video game makers are responsible for all violent actions caused by game players. A programmer for Take Two Entertainment has been given the death sentence for the thirteen previous murders.

    When asked if she will kill again, she responded “Of course. I really hated these girls since I started school, but of course to take any action would have gotten me in trouble. I have to thank Jack Thompson though; if not for him I never would have been inspired to kill so many people who annoyed me. Now if you excuse me, I still want to kill Deanny.”

    When asked about the increase of murders since the Thompson Law was passed, Jack Thompson had this to say, “This just proves that content like Hot Coffee is corrupting our kids. I am glad that the law was past, given anyone who holds a copy of a game during a crime free reign. Finally we can look at a person’s belongs and know exactly what type of person we are dealing with.

    A statistical note, since the Thompson Law was passed, murder rates have increased 1000%, of those murders, 95% have been caught with a game on their belongs to give them free pass. The remaining 5% are crimes of passion without any preplanning. As of date, the state has executed five-hundred thousand game related persons by the Thompson Law. It is estimate as early as next year the state will have to begin to sentence retired game makers to the death penalty.

    Just you wait.

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