Jack Thompson Now Running Police Investigations

from the blame-game dept

Apparently at the behest of Jack Thompson, some sheriff's deputies in Louisiana have seized some video games from the home of a teenage murder suspect as "evidence". Evidence of what? That the kid has a games console or PC? Thompson says that he told the police to look for games because reports of the crime fit the scenario of the Grand Theft Auto games -- which would also indicate that any kid with a paper route must be an avid Paperboy player, though we've missed all the reports of Frogger driving people to play in traffic. All Thompson's trying to do (apart from drum up some publicity for himself) is shift the blame for the crime from a sick, stupid killer onto video games -- just the latest in his line of attempts to let people abdicate any responsibility for their actions. One other question -- why do law-enforcement officers in Louisiana now need an activist lawyer from Florida to tell them how to do their jobs?

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  1. identicon
    Morgan, 5 Jun 2006 @ 4:52pm

    Re: Re: Re: Murderers are not well-adjusted

    How does Violent=illegal? Look at football, perfectly legal to play and on the violent side, you wouldn't slam into a random stranger on the street, that would be assault, but when your playing a football GAME that the entire point and is perfectly acceptible and why? Because its a rush, fun, a challenge, different, so should we outlaw football or what about debates I mean those can get pretty heated, to answer your question "why is it enjoyable to brutalize and kill people in a game? Would we be missing anything if such games were illegal?" yes I think many would if someone is screwed enouph in the head to play a game and then murder someone, look to the parents, look to the person. 10 million+ people play these games and what like .000000001 percent of them have killed someone. at that ratio we should outlaw christianity, or other groups that have a higher percentage of members with criminal records come on man, get your head out of your ass.

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