Segway's Brilliant New Strategy? Leasing!

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Yesterday, people were talking about how the latest in a long line of CEOs for Segway is desperately looking for a "liquidity event" of some sort. Of course, for that to happen, it would help if more people were, you know, actually buying the damn balancing scooters. Apparently, someone among the Segway braintrust realized that it's a pretty tough sell when the vehicles cost about $5,000. So, their latest strategy? Leasing! Yes, it only took the company about five years to recognize that financing might make sense for pricey vehicles. Of course, among their long line of chief executives, there once was a former President of Subaru America who had planned to set up a dealer network similar to the auto industry. You would have thought the idea of dealer financing might have occurred back then as well.

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  1. identicon
    Ann, 18 Nov 2008 @ 12:48pm

    fun helper

    I have asthma and when I walk my breathing (especially up hill) is very strained so a segway would let me get out and enjoy more things. Yes the price is a high but the price for scooter is almost as bad. I rode one for 3.5 hours on a tour and my feet got tired and the muscles in my legs and arms were sore that night so I know you use muscles when you ride one but as with anything you have to get used to the movement. I do ride a bike but being 60 plus, I can't go uphill and have to plan my route so there are no hills only inclines and even then I have to stop and rest. riding a bike I can't carry groceries without a backpack which causes more stress on my lungs.
    I say, if these will help the environment and me at the same time, I would use the money for a segway instead of a big screen tv and chance looking like a 60 year old retard as long as I can breathe.
    Too many advantages for me not to save and get one.

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