Time Warner Says If We Can't Do A Networked DVR, No One Can

from the sue-sue-sue! dept

Back in March when Cablevision first announced plans to create a centralized DVR, we mentioned that Time Warner had tried to do something quite similar three years ago... only to have the concept neutered after a bunch of television executives threatened Time Warner with lawsuits. So, it wasn't surprising at all for those same execs to get pissed off and then sue Cablevision over the plan -- even though it seems to only make their content more valuable. However, a new player has jumped into the fray and sued Cablevision: Time Warner. It's obviously the TV side of Time Warner, but it certainly is interesting to see how the company's opinion seems to depend on whether or not they're the ones offering the network-based DVR.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 31 May 2006 @ 7:23pm

    Re: networked dvr

    The funny part is that Motorola already manufacturers a DVR digital set top box and remote boxes that do just this. It is up to you to purchase it and tell your cable company to shove their box up their collective arses.

    No, I don't know about your provider, but Mediacom doesn't want people having BYO CPE on their network. They filed an injunction against my having my own, legally, purchased gear. After I provided a signed affidavit from my sales person at Motorola, they backed down and registered my equipment on their network. All of it is working great. Oh, and I told one of their execs in court that I have been long using Myth TV as my network DVR and a bunch of hacked X boxes to playback on. Man you should have seen how red he got. I love it!!!

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