180Solutions Doesn't Consider Botnets Rogue Distributors?

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We've covered adware firm 180Solutions plenty of times in the past. While the company keeps claiming that all of the bad installs were due to "rogue distributors" and their latest technology would rid them of the problem, it seems that security researchers keep finding all sorts of nasty affiliates getting through. The latest, submitted by someone who prefers to remain anonymous, is that a botnet scam is installing 180Solutions' Zango software. It seems that we keep hearing stories like this, which raise plenty of questions concerning just how cleaned up 180Solutions' affiliate program is. As most people have recognized all along, the company really doesn't have much incentive to kill the rogue distributors, because it seems unlikely they could find enough people who actually want to install the software to keep making the type of money they need to make as a venture-backed company.

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  1. identicon
    DittoBox, 26 May 2006 @ 3:28pm

    It's Spyware not Adware

    TechDirt: don't beat around the bush: It's Spyware not Adware.

    I refuse to call Spyware by the name the unethical and immoral industry calls it: Adware.

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