VA Reminds Thief How Valuable Stolen Data Is

from the perhaps-not-the-best-plan dept

Earlier this week, we noted that the Department of Veterans Affairs seemed to be hoping that whoever stole a laptop and hard-drive with lots of veterans' private info was too stupid to know what they had stolen. However, it seems they're doing their very best to make sure everyone realizes it's quite valuable. They've now put up a $50,000 reward for any info leading to the recovery of the data. Of course, should the thief hear about this, then what's to stop him (or her) from simply copying the data and then figuring out a way to return the laptop and get the $50,000? Not that security through obscurity was likely to work in this case, but it seems sort of odd that they were so adamant that thief likely had no idea how valuable the data was -- and then put a price on it and blasted it all over the news.

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  1. identicon
    dave, 26 May 2006 @ 8:38am

    Last time I loosed my laptop it never came home!. But seriously folks, the press is bad for the people involved, but I'd glad we here about these incidents. Eventually (2089 by my estimates) we'll stop allowing companies to verify our identity without actually verifying it. If you falsely verify someone's identity...then you have verified nothing at all. I've not been hit by identity fraud (that I know of) and certainly a personal attack would stir anyone's passions about this issue. So, rant at us, rage at your politicians and berate these companies/organizations that lose and misuse this data. Then, lets all calm down and figure out BETTER ways to operate.

    I would not be opposed to a one time tax to pay for fraud prevention for our veterans. Without them, we wouldn't have anything worthwhile to tax.

    Thanks guys/girls for serving your country, hopefully your country can serve you now.

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