FCC Could, But Probably Won't, Do Anything About Net Neutrality

from the i-hear-you-but-i'm-not-listening dept

Michael Copps, one of the four current FCC commissioners, says that while the commission currently has the power to punish broadband providers who break network-neutrality principles, it needs to adopt stricter, more enforceable rules to protect content providers who don't want to pay the providers protection money. This stance from Copps contrasts greatly with that of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, whose no-regulation-is-good-regulation mantra (except when it's convenient, of course) helped kick off this whole mess by classifying DSL and cable modem networks as information services, meaning they no longer had to follow common carrier requirements -- like network neutrality. The dichotomy between the Democrat Copps' and the Republican Martin's views highlights the vast ideological disagreement on the issue, as well as the partisan split. But Martin's viewpoint that nothing good can come of regulation is flawed -- just ask the telcos that built their businesses on regulations that gave them monopoly protection and kept their would-be competitors at bay.

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  1. identicon
    poopstainzmcgraw, 30 May 2006 @ 9:36am

    Re: wtf

    Yeah, your right in fact lets add some other things to that list. Cars, TV, Radio, Anti-boitics in fact lets all go back to humping each other, eating bananas, and using advanced technologies like fire. Do you think before you type? Its not being lazy its efficiency and increasing our access to resources, I would never want to go back to life without the internet nor would you if you got your head out of the closet.

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