Recording Industry Freaks Out That XM Users Can Record Music

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The recording industry's lawyers never stop looking to squeeze more money out of everyone, do they? The latest, submitted by Petréa Mitchell, is that they're quite upset about XM launching a mobile device that will let subscribers (yes, the people who already pay) actually record music. So (surprise, surprise) the recording industry is suing XM for not paying them another license on top of the licenses they already pay. They're now asking for $150,000 for every song that a user recorded. All this because XM has helped more people listen to the recording industry's music. If some of this sounds familiar, it's because it's related to what's being discussed in Congress to force satellite radio providers to pay more just because the content can now be recorded to devices. Once again, this is about the recording industry looking to squeeze more money out of a dying business model rather than recognizing these new services help make the recording industry's product much more valuable. XM is positioning this as a new Betamax-style case, with them simply providing the VCR -- which clearly has legal uses. The RIAA's best response, it appears, is "well, we convinced other suckers to pay up, so XM should too." Not particularly convincing.

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  1. identicon
    an old guy, 17 May 2006 @ 11:23am

    the past and future

    Everything that I will ever need in music is already either out there for me to capture or is already here with me on cassette, CD and DVD. I am a "Classic Rock", "stuck in the sixties and seventies and eighties" (no Disco please), living in the past graybeard son of a bitch. There is no way they can charge me again for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, Jethro Tull ..... etc, etc, etc..... My 26 year old son likes my music. My 3 year old grandson likes my music. My soon to be born granddaughter will like my music. They all like (or will like) most of my movies too. They get it all from me FOR FREE. They always will. Pure digital copies for free - forever. No rules or legislation can stop that.

    I sit here in my personal office surrounded by technology. Digital sound and video. A powerful computer with massive amounts of storage. DVD player, VCR, cassette deck, 500 channel satellite receiver, high speed internet, dual direction digital/analog signal converter, two CD/DVD burners and software that allows me to snare and copy absolutely anything with no restrictions. I invest in, and keep up with, the latest copy protection busting hardware and software available. I will reproduce my music and video as long as I live and share it as many times as I can. For free. If I pay to see it and/or hear it, I can and will copy it and keep it for posterity. I will shift it from one format to another. If anyone thinks that is stealing then "oh, fucking well".

    Are there really people who believe that they can take all of this away from me? Do they really think that the world is stuck in the past like me and my music? Can they really not see that the world is moving on and you either hold on for the ride or jump off and stay behind? It makes me ashamed that I may have helped this generation of money and power hungry sons of bitches come into existence. I am not, and will not, be one of them.

    This is the only way for me to resist the forces that we all feel from big business and politicians. I will follow MY rules and regulations as to what constitutes "fair use". Screw those people who would control me. Catch me if you can, and then catch my children, and their children and their children. (Zeppelin anyone?)

    This will all fade away and die after a few years - it always does. It will also come back again - it always does. The faces will change but the voices will remain the same. There will always be a new battle and something new to fight over. There will be new armies on both sides and it will go on and on.

    Take what you have and pass it on. Buy new things if you like them, but only buy them once. Don't even think about trying "to sell me something that is mine". (James Gang "Rides Again")

    And you better watch out - there may be dogs about. They watch over the sheep.

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