Recording Industry Freaks Out That XM Users Can Record Music

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The recording industry's lawyers never stop looking to squeeze more money out of everyone, do they? The latest, submitted by Petréa Mitchell, is that they're quite upset about XM launching a mobile device that will let subscribers (yes, the people who already pay) actually record music. So (surprise, surprise) the recording industry is suing XM for not paying them another license on top of the licenses they already pay. They're now asking for $150,000 for every song that a user recorded. All this because XM has helped more people listen to the recording industry's music. If some of this sounds familiar, it's because it's related to what's being discussed in Congress to force satellite radio providers to pay more just because the content can now be recorded to devices. Once again, this is about the recording industry looking to squeeze more money out of a dying business model rather than recognizing these new services help make the recording industry's product much more valuable. XM is positioning this as a new Betamax-style case, with them simply providing the VCR -- which clearly has legal uses. The RIAA's best response, it appears, is "well, we convinced other suckers to pay up, so XM should too." Not particularly convincing.

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  1. identicon
    some guy, 16 May 2006 @ 9:23pm


    You'd almost think the RIAA just hasn't been aware of Betamax. How about cassette tape recorders? How about my TiVo which, yes, can record the Sirius I get with my Dish Network subscription... oh wait, I can output that to my comp and make MP3's woohoo. :| Oh wait, I can just record straight from my satellite radio receiver to my home component system, my computer, or whatever.

    Oh, so their argument is about mobile devices having recording capabilities then...

    Did they sleep through the Sony WALKMAN, a mobile device that could also recorded FREE AM/FM radio that people weren't even paying for already, like they are with XM?

    Don't hand me that music quality argument. AM sucks but FM sounds great to me! Satellite can be just as scratchy at times.

    Guess what, no one will probably record the music because they aren't getting the entire album. All they have to do is tune in later and I'd bet they will hear the same damn song anyway so why bother recording. Besides, it's already PAID FOR.

    The only reason this is happening is because people are sick of forking out way too much money for CD's in pretty packaging, and now there more alternatives. If Big Brother Music actually paid the artists a decent share, that's one thing, but they don't. You can't cry for the artists, they get the shaft on CD's anyway unless they are making cheapie burns in their basement, or they are Metallica.

    Speaking of, Big Brother Music's offerings SUCK anyway. They promote garbage, tell youth it's cool to like some band, then they pay the radio stations to play garbage, and to cycle it every few hours at most. What's that about anyway? Perhaps people have finally caught on to scheme. I hear something 4 times a day on the radio, I know it's the best track that crappy band has to offer and that's why it's on the radio, so why would I want to buy the CD?! I've already heard their best so many times I hate it after a week of driving to and from work, so they expect me to buy the rest of that drivel?! Seriously! Satellite radio is at least a little better at diversity.

    Perhaps if they were to actually pull up some talent or something a little different that didn't follow the same spoon fed recycled fad pop formula that made them money 1, 2, 5, or 10 years ago, they might see more people start spending money. How many times can you recycle Korn with different band names? 10, more? How many times have I heard virtually the same band with a different name over the last 10 years. Too many. What's worse is listening to the radio in the last few years... you don't have to wait a year to hear the same tired band with a different name, just listen to the next track before you turn the radio off and that's exactly what you'll get!

    I understand that record companies can't produce for artists without money, but they can certainly do it on much less than they enjoy today so it's not about that, yet. It's because some exec didn't get a pay raise last year. The more we won't tolerate it and don't buy their crap, the more they screw the artists so they can hang on to the cut they are accustomed to.

    It's not just about their dying business model and their refusal to adapt to technology and find other painfully obvious ways to make money, it's because all of those other painfully obvious ways to make money don't allow for them to rip off the artists like they have been doing all these years. Their money streams will reduce to a trickle no matter what because they are a dying breed, just like traditional telecom companies. The only difference is, these idiots don't seem to want to try something new to keep the cash rolling in, because they know it won't be as profitable as they think it should be. awe, boo hoo. poor criminals can't keep extorting both us AND the artists at the same time. *sniff* *sniff*

    The only real shame is good bands that don't get radio play (any band that does get radio play is guilty until proven innocent INHO) still want to hang on to the hand that feeds them so little. I'd love it if my favorite bands just put up a paypal link on their website; they could even pay the recording companies with that, only giving them what they think is fair for a change. Too bad they won't (or can't) do it.

    If I ever get some decent recording equipment (actually home stuff is pretty cheap and can produce some very good quality recordings these days) and get my band back together, I'll join the ranks of so many great artists distributing free music on the internet. If I want money, I'll include a paypal link. If I want a good laugh probably too.... we sucked. Well no, we just sounded like radio bands. Yeah, we sucked.

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