Recording Industry Freaks Out That XM Users Can Record Music

from the oh-no! dept

The recording industry's lawyers never stop looking to squeeze more money out of everyone, do they? The latest, submitted by Petréa Mitchell, is that they're quite upset about XM launching a mobile device that will let subscribers (yes, the people who already pay) actually record music. So (surprise, surprise) the recording industry is suing XM for not paying them another license on top of the licenses they already pay. They're now asking for $150,000 for every song that a user recorded. All this because XM has helped more people listen to the recording industry's music. If some of this sounds familiar, it's because it's related to what's being discussed in Congress to force satellite radio providers to pay more just because the content can now be recorded to devices. Once again, this is about the recording industry looking to squeeze more money out of a dying business model rather than recognizing these new services help make the recording industry's product much more valuable. XM is positioning this as a new Betamax-style case, with them simply providing the VCR -- which clearly has legal uses. The RIAA's best response, it appears, is "well, we convinced other suckers to pay up, so XM should too." Not particularly convincing.

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  1. identicon
    Still optimistic, 16 May 2006 @ 8:11pm

    Don't give up. The media is dead, long live the me

    Outrage follows laughable outrage. Let me get straight to the point. There are some of us out there building a better future. Programmers, artists, producers, businessmen and music lovers. But the orthodoxy won't quietly die overnight. Copyleft, creative commons, netlables, - people the future is coming on fast and big change is happening now!

    This relies on your help and your intelligence.

    1) Do not "pirate" music. Erase all that retro crap you downloaded to your iPod. Exchanging and circulating corporate controlled copyright music only keeps these criminal organisations alive, feeds their case and keeps you hooked to their drug.

    2) Download music free from the internet. There are tens of thousands of bands and artists who give away their music for free, lots of it is very good, it's just not sanctioned by the bought and paid for mainstream outlets. Suport the REAL "indie" artists, filmmakers and musicians by buying their products direct using paypal etc.

    3) If you are a DJ, radio or TV producer do not play or use tracks RIAA or major lable associations, get off your ass and go out there and find some of the millions of encumberance free tracks that great artists are hoping you will use. Bypass performance rights organisations and negotiate terms with artists directly.

    4) If you are a band or artists NEVER sign a contract with a major company. All your work is protected under copyright by default, that's the law, you don't need any middle man. Get out there and market your stuff, the internet is an amazing tool.

    5) Build your own networks through social and links oriented sites that allow you to exchange info on free music and media. The middlemen rely on your ignorance and disconnect with culture. Get with the program. If you still buy your music from iTunes or from a music shop you're in the wrong century.

    6) Support the EFF, boycott.riaa and other advocacy groups aiming to dismantle and bury the established order of leeching criminal extortionists

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