Don't Forget To Read The New Disclaimer For The Internet

from the be-careful dept

Yesterday, Rob Hyndman noticed an impressive disclaimer for a rock preserve, noting that he wanted to include similar language in future contracts. Lawyer David Canton couldn't resist and used the disclaimer as a model for a wonderful new disclaimer for the internet that we agree should be a must read for all internet users:
Business is unpredictable and unsafe. The Internet is dangerous. Many blogs have been written about these dangers, and there's no way we can list them all here. Read the blogs. The Internet is covered in slippery slopes with loose, slippery and unpredictable footing. The RIAA can make matters worse. Patent trolls are everywhere. You may fall, be spammed or suffer a DOS attack. There are hidden viruses and worms. You could break your computer. There is wild code, which may be vicious, poisonous or carriers of dread malware. These include viruses and worms. E-mail can be poisonous as well. We don't do anything to protect you from any of this. We do not inspect, supervise or maintain the Internet, blogosphere, ISP’s or other features, natural or otherwise.
In related news, we have finally updated our poll, thanks to a suggestion from Barry Lefsky for a new poll topic: Which Internet Concern Worries You The Most?

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  1. identicon
    Amnyonic-mous Coward, 6 May 2006 @ 5:05pm

    RE; You forgot a few dangers...

    RE;You forgot a few dangers... by Scott on May 6th, 2006 @ 10:36am

    "You forgot to mention the child molesters, scam artists, porn at every turn, and disturbing videos of people getting hurt and killed. Not to mention unspeakable sights such as goatse - that is, a man's hyper-extended anus."

    You know Scott, there's a reason you are finding that kind of stuff on the internet.
    Quit going to web sites like "" and you will quit finding sh*t like that! geeeze... it's not like that stuff just invades your browser without you typing something into the address bar or a search engine website.

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